first_imgDear Editor,Early in 2012, at which time I was a member of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region 2 (Pomeroon/Supenaam), I suggested at a RDC meeting that to ease traffic congestion at the Supenaam Car and Mini Bus Park, more parking space can be provided by placing a concrete culvert, sand fill and cap the drain in front of the area stretching from the Guyana Forestry Commission building to the Amerindian Hostel. This idea was discussed at subsequent meetings, including the meetings of the Works and Agriculture Committee, a statutory body of the RDC of which I was also a member at the time.It is certainly important to note that in February of 2013, I resigned as a member of the RDC and all the other Committees; namely Works and Agriculture, Local Government and Land Selection.That was after I took up an appointment in Region 7 (Cuyuni/Mazaruni) and was unable to ground with the people as often as I use to thereby giving them the level of representation they had become accustomed to, and well and truly deserved.I am not sure if any further discussion had taken place at any meeting or forum from then to now; anyone looking at that area in question, at first glance would agree how good a suggestion it was, and definitely is, because by placing a culvert, sand fill and capping, you will be beautifying the area, preventing the public road and state property from eroding during heavy rainfall, and most importantly creating parking space for about sixty more vehicles and in so doing, significantly reduce the total confusion due to the traffic congestion.It is a wonderful idea that both the RDC and the Neighbourhood Democratic Council should explore. It was done at Charity where there was a longer, wider and deeper drain; it can and must be done at Supenaam.Archie CordisFormer AFCCouncillorRegion 2last_img