first_imgDear Editor,“If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck”. The Duck Test is used to draw inference from customary behaviour and to highlight the obvious. Let’s take two pertinent examples:The decisions of the Chairman of GECOM thus far has led to more delays and confusion with our elections. GECOM is mandated under the Constitution to be in a state of perpetual readiness. However, nothing the Chairman, the CEO and the DCEO do inspires confidence. Naturally, this benefits the ANPU/AFC Administration that is banking on GECOM’s unpreparedness to remain in office illegally following its defeat by the NCM almost one year ago. In the meanwhile, it continues to abuse taxpayers’ dollars to buy votes and for other sinister purposes.The Iron Lady has been uncharacteristically flexible and people are doubtful if she will hold free and fair elections. She, Madam Chairman, is persisting with the data from the flawed H2H. This is despite the fact that evidence is coming to light which shows that the list is heavily padded. In the circumstances, the Duck Test is fitting. It is also instructive to note that the PNC has habitually rigged elections whenever it has been in office and, therefore, had the opportunity to do so. I am not a pessimist but I am still to be convinced that GECOM and the Iron Lady will deliver free and fair elections on March 2, 2020.The caretaker and possibly illegal Government are insisting on selling Guyana’s first three tranches of crude on the spot market when this method is itself crude and moreover when this will generate the lowest possible revenue outcome for the nation. Why then is the Government persisting with it? Well, this method can be executed in a very short period of time and with elections around the corner, time is of the essence and the boys need money.Secondly, the spot purchase being contemplated brings the seller in direct contact with the buyer, paving the way for shenanigans under the table. Applying the Duck Test, it is obvious that Granger and his cabal are desperate to get their hands on the oil money before the elections. But Guyanese are not fools. They are aware that democracy ceased to exist in our country several months ago and that the illegal Government is operating outside the rule of law. The worse thing we can do is choose to remain silent at this time.Sincerely,Ravi Ramlast_img