first_imgLow Code development are software tools that are developed for and targeted at tech-savvy non-developers. Think analysts and project leads. People that understand the flow of their business but aren’t trained as developers. The goal of low code development is to have those business/tech savvy team members lead and be hands-on with the software that will be used by their group and organization.Project teams often require developers trained in coding languages like Java and C#.  The introduction of low code software tools enables non-developers to build applications without a staff of hard-core developers in significantly quicker time. With low code development, configuration and drag and drop can trump custom code development.Derek Roos, CEO at Mendex, said that “there’s usually no shortage of ideas, but at most organizations people stop bringing ideas to their manager or IT because they can only do so much, like the top-five priorities in the company, on an annual basis. You’re creating this giant friction in between the people with the ideas and the people turning these ideas into actual business value. If you turn that paradigm on its head and say, “Let’s give the people with the ideas the tools to actually turn them into something new, something of real value, and, for example, use data that’s everywhere as a starting point to see what can we do with this” … you unleash this creativity and innovation power that is just locked up.”How good is Low Code?  It’s getting better. Configuration and low-code options have limits, and usually the end user is always at least one requirement step ahead of the software capabilities.  It’s often the “but we just need it to do one thing slightly differently” that triggers a migration back to standard development tools and methodologies.  But, it’s just a matter of time.Anik Dubreuil, president and CEO of Innovapost, said that “one of the benefits of low-code for this project is that you can iterate on it and you can fail fast.  If we have a failure, we’ll be able to correct ourselves and keep moving.”last_img