first_img[dropcap]G[/dropcap]reat news reaches us from Spain, Blog. The Bulls have beaten The Bullfighters 3-0, in a recent bullfight in San Isidro. The spoilt-little-brat bullfighters got so sorted out, they gave up half way through. Shall we give them a big ahhh, Blog? Okay then; on three: One, two, three: Ahhhhhh…it’s all soooo unfairrrrrr. My favourite photo from this article, on The Independent’s website (normally a bit leftie for me!), is number 10, of a bullfighter making an unlucky-face before he gave up. What ON EARTH are you making an unlucky-face about, mate? They poke the bull in the eyes, and kick him in the bollocks, before he starts. Then someone else comes along and stabs about ten arrows in his back. And out you come and have a go at him with a bloody sword, you brave man! These bullfighters are like The Staff: they’ve got everything in their favour. And still they moan!Kick on The Bulls!!In other news:Corporate Clegg, you laughed at Nigel Farage. You publicly mocked him. You treated him like he was the idiot.HE BATTERED YOU.Now get down the Job Centre, and see if they’ve got anything going at the council. YOU’LL FIT IN JUST FINE!B xlast_img