said that the flow of the classification and source, now say that in the flow of knowledge mentioned in the public are making the word. In fact, this is also a lot of corn bus master Wangzhuan concluded. Here we talk about what is earned for all (also known as the whole people earn):

everyone is making money, that is to say, all the people make money? Is that possible? Maybe it’s not the same thing that everyone makes. It takes advantage of the temptation of a copy (which can be either a product or a product) to get people to advertise for you or do something you want.

example: I want you to help me to promote maize bus Wangzhuan forum now, but I don’t want to pay. What do I do? I have to take my own VIP or the original QQ game to let everyone know. Because my project or VIP has a cash value. So many people do not want to pay to get the project, so help us to promote the corn bus. Through this kind of propaganda, he can also get the equivalent of cash to buy the project, this is all people earn. As long as the QQ game project exists, then the people can earn a permanent.

but there are two factors that restrict everyone to make money:

1 is that you give to others the allure of the size, if I say I give you QQ games, you give me 3000 posts. You will certainly do, if I say I give you a VIP tutorial, you give me 3000 posts. You’re definitely not going. Because you think this is not worth 3000 posts.

2 is your reputation, if we propaganda on behalf of you to help me to post the corn bus can get QQ games, you will certainly go, because our credibility here. If I am in the name of a person, to do a simple web page to ask you to give me publicity, of course, I believe there will be someone to publicize. But there is no credibility, we are often afraid of publicity can not get things. Do Wangzhuan cheated a few people, we are in the bus of corn. This can be seen from our founding experience.

everyone has advantages and disadvantages: the advantage is that as long as you have the credibility and the temptation of things, you can bring traffic. Of course, there is a certain degree of credibility, this is not suitable for novice.

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