do Wangzhuan people work as speculation, some people regard him as a regular job, after all, you do not sign any higher labor contract, said you fired a word lets you end, hard months of work so unwarranted by the union fired, but to the contrary, if you are a regular with this technique, to avoid the sad thing will be a small number, the flow is our pain, some people say that I am going to buy traffic, I say you are rich unstoppable, but after all we want to get more tangible benefits through the minimum investment, thousands of knife knife million tickets are experiencing pain after the transformation, not what you want to dream and can get. Well, today I am talking about an idea, is a basic train of thought and toil, everybody was not willing to look at the idea, and we do not want to do the idea, but I and several other brother Flow based who was set up in this way, do not afraid of you afraid to toil, others toil and reluctant to make their own toil.


forum has introduced a lot of traffic, we just think you can do, you see the results, then your process is very simple, so simple you can not get money, if you see some important process, the result is a natural thing, remember on the altar the garbage man, very interesting, looking for a large number of SEX forum, a registered, and then edit the document, prepare a few pictures, do the watermark in the picture, the text left in his address, then looking for Laiyibaiduo SEX forum, a day to register 10, can a few days, a day is a 100 hours of things, dozens of forums, you think about the flow of SEX is much, imagine the world lady-killer how many, even we ourselves have to find such a station to travel, so the traffic is a foundation, but you use 1 months to set up, You sleep do not consider your traffic, and we can also through the video community BLOG and other places in the same way the traffic attracted these established content is often someone to read, the flow will continue to flow to your site, then you in skill, is not easy. Every day you can ensure you scrub brush flow variability and IP true antecedents? You spend money to buy your money, then I don’t participate in the discussion of.

I put the garbage in the key

SEX forum flow way said that, let me be clear about this, many of the alliance is not allowed to flow from the SEX site, then how can we effectively avoid was found, there is a point of practical skills, is also our very useful skills. As long as you can give yourself the flow of toil, simple die, if based on this flow on you don’t get the basic union pain, it is easy to.

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