Recently, in the recently held conference on the Internet, IT industry well-known enterprises Xiamen scholar’s vice president of sales Xiao Yun surprisingly announced that the Xiamen scholar in October 2006 to June 2007, invested heavily in 20 million yuan held "channel is the king" the first national entrepreneurship competition channel. A remark, immediately aroused the shock, experts say, the Xiamen student activities as the first domestic channels of business competition, the positive effects on the development of information construction Chinese, also has a far-reaching impact on the healthy development of the Internet Chinese.

"channel is king" as one of 2006’s most compelling domestic entrepreneurial activity, is a China IT industry’s "Star" event, is a with the entrepreneurial talent and ability of excellence turned out to the platform. At present, the registration by Xiamen scholar to build a new "channel is king" has spread all over the country, as long as you have the entrepreneurial passion and local service business advantages, then to brave competitive. For young people with entrepreneurial dreams, after winning may not be the same as the "super girl" in the limelight, but they founded the business but in reality won exclusive rights to Xiamen scholar authorized national forty city "one-stop service", and have the opportunity to share Xiamen scholar 20 million yuan of funds to support.

as Chinese first put forward the "network combined with the software enterprise application service theory" of the enterprise, since 2006, from the launch of "one-stop service" alliance, run scholar training camp, to purchase gold island software company has been engaged in Xiamen scholar to promote "one-stop" service concept and "one-stop" service a series of products, is committed to creating "China characteristics" standardized service model, experts say, this service model is expected to break the monopoly of international giants integration in this field.

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