freakshare: freakshare a week ago, SkyDrive light line revenue can be $200, will now last 10 days income is far from enough $100. The day 23 or even only 0.0091 euros, it is too cold to shame. It also indirectly reflects a problem: the activity of the downline has become less and less. What causes it?

in the establishment of a few such as gold station Wangzhuan station promotion, I rarely do SkyDrive make money this one, so the majority of freakshare’s revenue comes from income promotion. On the one hand is the result of several popular promotion sites are also, the number of high quality line. On the other hand is a subjective factor, I am not too love making this piece of SkyDrive. It is the first point, or second points, shows that there are some and I the same type of people gradually abandon personally do SkyDrive make money.

of course, the instability of freakshare and the upload speed is slow, a major factor is the decline of the SkyDrive decision.


shareflare SkyDrive: it was 10 days ago, because today I opened SkyDrive shareflare, click on the file management page should jump to the page to enter the personal management page. I guess it is hanging, and then observe two or three days to see. I really put a lot of energy into this dish. Not only pulled thousands off the assembly line, but also focus on the guidance of the 2 friends do this dish. Now everything is empty, it is also necessary to withstand the risk of others platform. No. 1 to No. 18, 18 days, the number of referrals I have no specific number, about more than 2 thousand, with a lot of. More than 2 thousand downline will bring me such a high income. In addition to SkyDrive to make money, I think of the second project. The first survey network recommended a total of nearly 2000 people, so far the total recommended bonus has not reached $1000.

look at this shareflare is a long life, but also can not stand the crazy brush crazy people cheat. I hope shareflare can Jiadezhu, waiting for the good news.


offline is not more than quality. If there are 100 people and 1000 people webmaster novice make friends when I want to line, choose one of the two, I will choose the webmaster. This does not rely on the platform to promote the webmaster, but I do not believe that too much money to do the work of novice friends and perseverance.

look at the SkyDrive money station decline


this piece of her speed too quickly, so I can not recommend new SkyDrive money station, such as SkyDrive Filesonic. Fundamentally speaking, more and more make friends give up this piece of SkyDrive money, not because the resources are developed in light, more SkyDrive stood by itself. Profit issues, services