have to say, I was pretty fire, I was very angry, the consequences are very serious!

I really fire, a fire, but now I know, mom webmaster of advertisers why so little? Why against so many, their advertisers are ordinary owners has been in operation, and the mother was on this a few large website support, I would like to ask is that they can give you how long? Such as Taobao, Yahoo and so on this a few, almost two years just a few, no other changes.

so why there is no other Internet advertisers, the China by so many people, so many webmaster, why every day someone called mom, why do some people say that advertising is not sold, but this is not wrong at all. From the perspective of your review of the advertisers can know why there is no advertising.

from 08 years in January to now, in the mother put in a total of about more than 10 thousand of the advertising costs, most of them to buy advertising forum. Because of the type of my station and webmaster. But what makes me angry is. The money into the account, upload the advertisement pictures, regardless of how to modify the audit is not passed, there is no way, the money is certainly not back back, there is no way to put up originally did not want to advertise for the station advertising, through the modification and verification of 5 times, one of the key words are not. Not a "most" not a "full" this kind of words, so what is the use of advertising. Ask


after 4 months, I found that they have a few ads forum, want to buy, but the situation is still the same, the text of the advertising audit is not legal, illegal advertising picture. After several modifications, I said the target site of the contents of the audit is not legitimate, angrily, for all sites, after I test several times: behind me in Advertising: advertising, Chinese billion stationmaster station, I Admin5, GG net, Adsense, Baidu alliance theme, pr. All through the audit, have been put in, why mom is not by audit, the audit mechanism of the GG alliance can be said to be very strict, call back again, you can modify it to my mother, since that target the content of the website is not legitimate, this website stationmaster basically know that why, they can pass through it, you will not give me, in that they submit ads and in this you are submitting a word as like as two peas, are not bad, but the final audit difference is so big


do not say, really have to say, because I am today to a test, I also uploaded 6 ad groups, not one approved, the money is out, you may say I am talking nonsense, this is the integral map I buy Advertising:

I really want to buy advertising is up to 20 times, but is advertising is not audited by, for some stations no use to advertise, just do the advertising pictures, so advertising pictures are not used by A.

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