BuzzFeed’s office, the company now has 175 employees.

American news aggregation site BuzzFeed founder Jonathan Peretti · (Jonah Peretti) recently accepted the technology blog Business Insider editor Allison · Scholte (Alyson Shontell) interview. In an interview, Peretti talked about the company’s history, the future of the media and the plans for a new global media brand. Peretti said that in today’s era of social media, users not only consume content, but also to share the content, compared to the network established by the enterprise, the user is better and more powerful distribution network.

and · (Jonah Peretti) in Peretti’s office in central New York, arbitrary limbs astride.

Peretti’s office by the glass Wai built, however, the transparent block will not he and news editors are open in the studio. They are staring at the screen, interacting with millions of readers who read the articles they write, through the computer screen.

and I work in the company, the 38 year old, CEO met with the curly hair. On this day, his website released an article about the world’s most adorable puppies, and a video of 28 minutes, the content of the United States Secretary of state Hilary · (Hillary Clinton). Such a variety of content quickly became popular on the internet.

news aggregator BuzzFeed has been established for six years, according to the internal statistics show that the number of site visitors per month up to 30 million, and most of this traffic is not from the homepage or Google search. These users are recommended by friends, colleagues or celebrity articles, these contents will be passed between the various monitors, BuzzFeed is the amount of access from an electronic human internet.

as a "viral content" Internet of the king of Peretti, has been fascinated with the network. Although his website encourages readers to look at the story of the site, but when it comes to the company’s history, the future of the media and the world’s attention to his funny site, he will not joke.

in the 45 minute discussion with Peretti, he talked about the following:

· BuzzFeed is how to grow from a robot and realize that manual editing indispensable

· how he deals with parallel entrepreneurship, how to run both BuzzFeed and the Huffington post