since the term with the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, all kinds of online is not poor, of course, the scam is also repeated, the work of small white-collar, summer vacation time to death and more students are beginning to pursuit this Wangzhuan way to make money, some simple way today Wangzhuan I participated in the discussion of personal views.


survey found on the Internet a lot of money, on the question of the news, at least this is not a hoax, then excitedly go registered a dozen survey sites. To tell the truth really is the survey site can make money, but can only be pocket money, because even registered as many of their investigation also will have a few days, but because of the nature of work position, the limitations of investigation in very few, let alone even if money can wait to hand is the need of the days and months multiplying. Most of the points are relatively high pay. So to investigate the feasibility of there is, is that you really have nothing to do, can register several, but don’t put in the mind, we do some investigation, no time and do not worry, because we can’t make it at meals.


hook, as the name suggests, is a specialized software to download and then at boot time to open, can make the flow, and then sold to the official website. Some people advocate that their software hangs a day to earn 200 dollars, this is really Arabian Nights. First, the software security, there are a lot of people to download later because of its special work, not long on the computer virus, then on its traffic, I also downloaded a green security software and try to hang a few times, may also be the speed problem, but several hours later 1000, the flow is not, as I have this rate a year can earn one hundred. If the computer is open every day, idle is idle, so hang a is not what, but be sure to Caution! This software, otherwise it may The loss outweighs the gain.

on the code, is kept in the computer to lose those numbers to letters, it is said that the verification code, or to earn money, pay day end, as long as you can live, have been stopped in front of the computer typing. The premise is that the computer must be ADSL. Can change IP, because this is a cheating thing. But if you really need a lot of money, and the typing speed is quick, it is OK to try.

About the

experience, including some games and advertising experience, in some registration, there are many such sites, some money, the points can be against some gifts, if you have spare time and want to amuse you, this way is good, can make some small gifts such as the long-term gains, or some.


of Witkey, the so-called Witkey refers to those through the network to their wisdom, knowledge and skills into the wealth of people. This is a way to include more Wangzhuan face, no matter what you do, no matter how old you are, as long as you have a professional, non professional proficiency in a particular line, anyway. "