although the majority of users on the phone more and more advertising messages annoying annoying, but in the Internet sector, which means a huge opportunity. Mobile advertising will be the next gold after the Internet advertising." Said in an interview with the Securities Times reporter Yang Ning, former president of the air network.

can be corroborated, in early November the Google Corporation officially released its mobile phone development scheme, mobile phone advertising will determine its future development goals. Stimulated by the news, its stock price also has good performance. Morgan Stanley pointed out in the "report" issued by the Chinese Internet, China is a mobile phone as the center of the Internet market, with the rise of the decline of SP and wireless Internet, especially the mobile phone market China 3G is about to start, the next gold mine is perhaps no line advertising.

mobile advertising quietly rise

According to iResearch

latest research report released in 2007, China’s wireless advertising market will reach 780 million yuan, an increase of over the previous year by 56%. With the popularity of 3G networks and mobile phone products, driven by the Olympic Games and World Expo, such as good news, in 2010 China’s wireless marketing market will reach a record 2 billion 200 million yuan.

from last year, many advertisers began to test the water advertising. The air network released data show that its performance in advertising revenue has become a new bright spot this year on the earnings: the first quarter of 2007, the air network wireless advertising sales growth of nearly 30% compared to the fourth quarter of 2006, $150 thousand; air network in the second quarter of total mobile advertising revenues of $223 thousand, an increase of 92% the previous quarter; the year 2007 the expected advertising revenue will reach $1 million wireless. According to the industry to disclose the information, including advertisers, mobile phones, cars, electronics, consumer goods, IT, banking and other dozens of industries, such as MOTO, NOKIA and other world-renowned brands are their long-term stability of advertisers.

in addition to the air network, other domestic WAP sites have begun to accelerate the pace of mobile advertising. Sina, Sohu, 3G portal, 3G bubble, WAP world, such as mobile wireless portals have begun to advertise for customers.

face attractive prospects, operators will not let go of this large gold, the major international giants IT Google, YAHOO, AOL and other companies are also trying to develop their own mobile advertising business.

although wireless advertising has not yet formed a scale, but we believe it will embark on the same path with Internet advertising. Wireless advertising is similar to Internet advertising, the difference is that the user has a certain difference between the screen. Internet advertisers will soon be able to accept wireless advertising." Yang Ning believes that wireless advertising will detonate the next strategic opportunity for China’s internet.

market looks blowout

in China, the rise of mobile media has become an indisputable fact that the mobile phone as the carrier of the wireless Internet, mobile phone magazine, >