Chinese folk known as "students are not afraid of the wrong life, afraid of the wrong name". Visible good name in the hearts of the people occupy a seat. Whenever a child is born, with the joy of the whole family together, choose a good name for this new life, I think, no longer willing to children called Alipay. Indeed, the name does have the magic of life, or even the decisive factor.

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, today’s society is entering a strange social era, all kinds of strange social tools like the emergence of bamboo shoots after a spring rain LBS, based on WeChat (see nearby people), has the luck of unfamiliar street based (shake) and get together (at the door). In the process of communication, the first thing is the eye of the eye users mad pull cool noble glamorous net. There is no denying the fact that a good name will bring more high-quality human resources.

not only at home, but also value the value of the name of foreigners. But they say the name refers to the company’s brand name. The location of father Jack · Trout pointed out: the logo brand is not important, important is the brand name.

combined with the recent global well-known professional social networking site Linkedin into China’s heavy news, the author and we explore the importance of corporate brand name.

Linkedin into China, named collar Britain, with leadership excellence meaning, showing its user location is some white-collar workers in high-income earners. The United Kingdom is in line with the Linkedin product quality, which is a good brand name, in line with Trout’s brand positioning theory.

of course, well versed in this not only led the british. There are other domestic and foreign brands, don’t worry, the author is all one by one.

is the first domestic big three BAT the first prefix – Baidu, the largest search engine. Baidu two words from China great beauty, known to every family of the poem "he found the degreeses". Seek, that is, explore, reflect the nature of the enterprise, but also enhance the connotation of the enterprise. Most of the course is overwhelmed with admiration for the last sentence: when I look back at that person but in the lights dim! Found, that is a little bit of precision. Baidu is really a very good search engine name. I think the original name must be a literary youth.

mentioned Baidu, it is impossible not to mention his old rival – Google, a global search leader. Google, the name is Google Chinese transliteration, also very poetic, imagine singing in the valley, the echo soon sounded, what does this mean? The search speed phrase, to meet user demands. I think Google China is quite good.

mention Chi in bid, I heard for the first time, that is to win, to get to a vain desire. Only later did I know that wisdom is wisdom, and bid, the English word of the axis symmetry, there are efforts to fight the meaning of. Full name to pass to