if your dream lover suddenly send you an ambiguous text, you will not get butterflies at a loss, mind suddenly filled with "what to do, he is not interesting ideas to me and so on. It’s better to share your experiences with others than to be alone. HeTexted is such a kind of emotional exchange website, it is committed to helping women to solve those who make her anxious dating problems. HeTexted will let the anxious women write about their secret love, and then let the world’s women vote to decide whether the man is suitable for himself.


you should understand that this is a very serious thing before you elaborate on the details. We’re not talking about IPO, investment stories or the new Angry Birds, we’re talking about love.

in France, love is a sacred thing, it is like the Eiffel Tower before sunrise so pure, like a freshly baked bread as fresh, as Amelie’s music as attractive. Many people may say that love is the only thing we have to live on. Close your eyes and imagine two people walking on a sidewalk in Paris, waiting for the light to turn green. In this context, the description of any language is so pale, science and technology has never been a part of love.

The number of

century, France has been the symbol of romance, Victor Hugo is the best representative of countless great love stories and movies are from France, and the technology can never create these great love.

of course, there are many couples in France to end their love, but this did not affect the reputation of France as a romantic capital.

look at HeTexted, which is similar to FMyLife (a kind of life, but the HeTexted website) used in the science of love, the women’s emotions expressed in words, and let everyone forwarding information advertised. This is unique to HeTexted, compared to sites specifically for heterosexual women.

era is changing, France is also changing. Love should be perfect and full. For the French, love is an essential part of their lives.