with the rapid development of the Internet, through the network to make money, entrepreneurship more and more ways, tricks are constantly updated. More and more people want to make money through the network, the dream to work at home, can not be exposed to wind and rain, not to see the boss face.

open the web page, often see "easy to make money website", "I earn 3000 dollars on the Internet" and so on. In the face of these attractive publicity, which is the pie? Which is often difficult to distinguish between true and false let us trap?. In a virtual network world, fish, Nishajuxia situation is inevitable. In Baidu input "Wangzhuan deception" will be found to countless beautiful lie and trust for befog the minds of the people fooled deceived the dream of getting rich information network.

believe typing Wangzhuan, disabled girl cheated miserable

live in Yubei rural small childhood disability, but she can only lie in bed all day, typing quickly, in May, she found a typist recruitment websites on the Internet, the press website marked the first big is bluffing, called "* * Xinhua press", a little Guozihao feeling. The recruitment website claiming to be the writer’s manuscript text transcription into word document typist, every 10 words 2000 yuan. The price seems to be more reliable, not like a flicker of people. The site requires them to deposit 100 yuan deposit, the manuscript will be part of the contract and exchange. Other people’s explanation is also very credible, if you do not receive a deposit, there will be malicious to ask them for manuscripts. They said, such a cooperation will end the settlement, deposit refund. A month of entry one hundred thousand words is not a problem for small, while the income of 2000 yuan in the local even healthy people also belong to relatively high.


and Xiaohui family suspected, immediately to the press remitted one hundred yuan in the past. But the second day, Xiaohui found his friend in QQ without the publisher of the so-called customer service. She re apply for each other, it can not add up. All the bad premonition. Sure enough, wait for a long time, no one sent her manuscript……

please do Wangzhuan dream eyes

in this regard, the reporter interviewed quite a reputation, good reputation of the person in charge of the domestic popcorn net Wangzhuan present. Popcorn net is a user upload, reprint, reprint, video, pictures, blog, as long as you can make money to watch people click on the website. The person in charge of the network introduces some basic methods for identifying fraud Wangzhuan site to reporters, the first one is the first, I feel a lot of scam sites give people is poor, generally the first eye can see, simple, rough Its loopholes appeared one after another. In the above, the website cheated Xiaohui, Xiaohui said, then she looked carefully, on the site there is a lot of typos. Press, typing, writing, most should not appear typos, but their website is really a lot of typos, low-level ridiculous! And then there’s the website often said, "dull remarks died over a year to earn money for life!" "