approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of civil affairs, established in Beijing China Interactive Advertising Association Committee the day before. Under the guidance of the industry self-regulation organization, China’s online advertising industry is expected to become increasingly standardized.

According to the person in charge of

Interactive Network Advertising Association Committee Chinese introduced, compared to traditional media advertising, Internet advertising in the local space and unlimited, and consumer guide role can not be ignored.

      the establishment of China Advertising Association interactive network committee, help to promote interactive marketing based on the Internet, mobile phones and other interactive media, research and regulate the interactive network advertising marketing model.

the responsible person said, to achieve self restriction of the online advertising industry, advertising market order and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Internet users, interactive network advertising association China Committee issued a special "China interactive network advertising industry self-regulation code". In the future, any violation of rules, not serious overdue rectification, network advertisement, interactive network committee will disclose to the public through the news media.

addition, Interactive Network Advertising Association Committee Chinese will be through the establishment of customer credit rating system, authoritative data system construction China interactive network industry, specification of interactive advertising data evaluation system, and gradually establish interactive network advertisement industry standard system.