editor’s note: a good idea can make you successful, on the contrary, a bad idea may lead to your failure. Rakesh_k, founder of Griggi.com, puts forward some practical methods based on his own experience.

in the past few months, you may have been working hard for their own ideas and work hard, and may have made some progress.

but you’re still not sure whether people like your product and whether it will buy your product.

there is a very cruel fact, perhaps you spent a few years to build their own products, but the market may not find any user. A lot of startups along their ideas work for several months or even years, but there may be a few users.

we (Griggi.com) also have the same doubts: our products in the end will not be users like. So we did an experiment and followed the "Lean sStartup Methods". Here are some of our specific practices:

many startups will develop their own products before they can validate their ideas, which could lead to a massive waste of time, money and energy.

if you chat with technology entrepreneurs will find that most of them are the first development of the product, to be formally launched and then look at how effective. In fact, this approach is wrong, they did not test the idea before the production of products.

in fact, we almost all make the same mistake.

when we came up with a new idea, and this idea may have some useful effects when I just started to first create a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), is the smallest available product is the product of the beta, which will include some of the highest priority function.

my co-founder is not very enthusiastic about this approach, he spent five years in different ideas, but each time has not been verified, the results are not very successful. So this time he decided to test his ideas.

1, MVP: a job can be very rough product, it may have some bug, and UI is not very good. It takes six months to verify it.



2, a beautiful login page, which focuses on the concept of verification. It takes up to six days to validate an idea.

needless to say, we have chosen second methods, i.e.