2015 grab entrepreneurs PK intensified, and finally, after the Alibaba, ant gold suit has come.

May 19th, Ali ant Gold Service announced the establishment of ant ecological win-win fund to support entrepreneurship, the first phase of the scale of 1 billion yuan. In addition to providing money, more attention to the ecological environment is to build an ecosystem of gold, and their share of the public to raise the platform – ants have been in preparation for the customer.

company entrepreneurship competition, fund is nothing new: a company can not exhausted all the business, want to use the means of capital investment in the downstream industry chain layout, can be from the "catch" young entrepreneurs to start entrepreneurship competition in the form of a storage pool of entrepreneurs "".

concern is to raise public equity.

as a rival ant clothing, Jingdong finance in April 2014, the first release of the congregation raised equity. Moreover, in the current market has certain leading products and to raise public equity raise public, are put into the Jingdong in the financial system, the Jingdong’s intention is to provide solutions to businesses, the force in the B terminal: from supply chain finance, Beijing small loans, to raise public goods, public equity raise mature products etc. as a selling point.

In contrast,

ants, Ali will be the product of all the chips on the Taobao system, the logic is clear: in the Taobao "and commodity link", adding "people link", leading to the upstream industry chain, enhance the control of the industry. However, according to the China Jun exclusively learned that the future, to raise public equity will be placed in the birth of the balance of treasure, treasure gold suit ant finance division, responsible person is Yuan Leiming.

for the public to raise equity, Yuan Leiming believes that this is an integral part of one-stop investment and financing platform. The balance of treasure is equivalent to the current, the equivalent of a wealth of money on a regular basis, the motherboard market is the user trading stocks, large investment in listed companies, the congregation is to invest in small and micro enterprises. We are hoping to do a one-stop investment banking, on this platform what kind of investment products can be bought, everything."

to raise public equity, two different ideas, the main force of Jingdong is to help businesses solve problems, and the ant gold services will raise public money from the user in the nearest place, is raised as a part of the wealth management business line, allowing users to have more investment options.

Han Xinyi, vice president of the ant clothing for the following speech:

why the program name is not called "lead" Yiqijuechen "lead", because after the four words, Ten thousand steeds gallop. We see is not just a two out of the entrepreneur who broke out of the business, we see is such a group of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial spirit together, it is very good.

ant gold dress as "support" with exclusive strategic entrepreneurship competition, I want to talk about, ant payment service is how to help the Internet finance, how to help entrepreneurs.