car friends know, vehicle maintenance services in life is becoming more and more important, how to be able to keep the car, by the owners more and more attention. In the car market, O2O industry moment rise, there are two main forms: one is the traditional enterprise in the line of auto + Internet mode; one is the Internet companies to penetrate the line, forming Internet plus car model. In fact, they don’t have much difference in essence, but differ in the starting point, as a point of departure from the traditional auto industry moved to the next line put things online, one is the direct use of the Internet for the integration of the automotive industry, through online and offline collocation, and ultimately promote the development of the automobile market.


on the car treasure CEO Li Peng conducted an exclusive interview:

approached Bao Bao car

Beijing car Ying Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 2015, the company is located in Beijing Haidian, 2015 will acquire a potential capital, Ronglian wealth funds and 20 million yuan car network interconnection joint angel investment. Keep a car treasure from January 2014 officially launched to the project incubation to 2015 officially from the parent company car networking independently, experienced a long incubation period, it is a O2O mode for the owners to provide a comprehensive service such as self-service platform, to provide maintenance, maintenance, beauty, car washing, gas, insurance and other preferential information query real time and interactive consumer evaluation for the owners, the car maintenance service transparent, the user can understand the market the price of service product, and price selection and online ordering. At present, the car has more than 450 users treasure, more than 3 businesses, opened 132 city services, set up a branch in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places.

talk about profit model

According to the

car treasure CEO Li Peng, car treasure profit is mainly on the B side, one of the most important is to build auto parts store, car Bao auto parts auto parts supplier mall is connected to line service providers and channel sales management system sales. The latter is easy to understand the meaning of the former is said by the management system, supply and demand directly connected accessories business and service shop, through the integration of products to provide the B business at a low price, to obtain a certain profit, but it is worth mentioning that businesses have settled for free.

C end face, their goal is to establish a sound service system, improve service consciousness, pay attention to user experience, will investigate real-time user feedback, they will update the merchants, select high-quality merchants settled car treasure has been free of charge, the elimination of irresponsible businesses, to protect the interests of owners, the owners get the help the most reasonable price, the most perfect service.

talk about the market of O2O industry after automobile

in the face of the car market, car treasure CEO Li Peng said: "the car market in the O2O industry has a huge space for development,"