The third step is the

nonsense not say, I want to say that today’s morning after word checked the website, found the website up 3W6, I will analyze the situation under discussion with you is how I handle.

because we are garment portal (efu贵族宝贝.cn) station itself included is also good.

second step analysis website up, where concrete is up. It is necessary to check the site included all channels, channel page each stationmaster generally do not check every day. The site is now a total collection of rose, which is certainly a few channel page included up, all we need to check the channel page always included and included in the 24 hours before. By then I spent half an hour searching channel page. Why is it bad, only that love not in Shanghai, the inquiry more love Shanghai will go wrong, you will lose the verification code, this should be a lot of people are met. I use (Site: inurl website address: channel page address command to check the total included). Can the appropriate filter out part of spam. With limited love Shanghai advanced search to search inside "set a time of day is also used (Site: inurl website address: channel page address query command) Shanghai yesterday included love. Each channel included growth rate are different. The more obvious is our news, fashion, design is a large collection of channels. Are the fashion news 16000, 13000, 5500 other little growth design. These three data add up 34500, that is mainly the three channels included up.

is the first step of analysis is not love itself has made great changes in Shanghai. It is easier to see, through the analysis of query competitors’sites situation can be, I see the website data rival found that they did not change. From here we can see to determine the site competition is very necessary, the competition is too little to no meaning too much, it will not be necessary, or that individuals can 3-4. From here we can see that we really are included up, receiving the love love Shanghai.

analysis of the three channels. With the love of Shanghai advanced search.


love in Shanghai in November and now has a total of 3 Update:

I believe that many webmaster have this habit, is in the morning to go to work, is the first to open the computer, to open the open open, open after word tools to check a website indexed, Links situation. Is not to say how responsible, but have this habit, every day unconsciously, circulation mode. Every day spent visiting the forum to watch the news on the time I believe should not, but these are relevant to our work and we can give yourself a perfect excuse is Shanghai Longfeng need to accumulate resources.