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website profit in the online article, various arguments are, to look after my feelings a lot. Of course, the so-called website profit method is the experience of others, there are many is false, not reliable. I think myself to explore a set of methods, can make you a lot of money. The author is the website profit out of their own to explore, and introduce the following friends under.

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The first step:

for the website profit pattern is through their own analysis, and then determine whether the value of these words. To see whether there is a need to do, then decide whether to do. This paper consists of: cast steel valve 贵族宝贝jifuvalve贵族宝贝 original, reproduced.

is my first go online mining some keywords purchasing power. Such as: how much the price of products in the Moumou Moumou? Where to buy. Of course, these two words I just play for example, I went to the usual words not so long, so long as the words, there is no general index. If there is no index, I think is not enough. Do well, at least let website words themselves a bit index, or no light in the peer.

judgment keywords according to his optimization experience, when I think of relatively simple words, I will try to spend one or two months in operation, of course, in the process of operation if the ranking can go up is the best, if not to go, according to the observation analysis, to see whether there is need to continue to do the.

of website profit point is simple, the user experience is good, accurate orientation. Then there will be a lot of users to send money. It is said, but to profit but also long-term operation, it must overcome all kinds of difficulties, or the light that is nonsense.

is optimized according to their own experience, these simple words do love Shanghai search home page. After I started to look for some relevant aspects of advertisers, for example: I do website keywords snacks to go up, I will get some snacks website and forum to find this need ads, then take the initiative to find them to my web advertising. Of course, there are also some really can not find people to advertise these words, only zirendaomei.

keyword selected orientation is to begin the operation, relatively simple competition small list of the words. Then use a domain name to do these key words ranking. In general, I do a domain name for a list of keywords by, will let love Shanghai included, wait until after the card will be included which keywords are in Shanghai love in ranking, if included are 100 after the case, I will give up the key word choice, to find new do.