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only because of the success of the A5, a lot of people come here every day, every moment someone to contribute, to the A5 certification, only for a high quality of the chain, but the signature, undeniable A5 weight, but weight and high will also have the phenomenon of "the success of the A5 submission after the article included will go".

fourth, because the search engine itself, each site in collection of change, I believe that A5 will also be the case.

third, A5 in the successful submission, because a lot of people gathering and reproduced, another reason is that when an article and send on other websites or forums, resulting in too many similar articles on the Internet, I dare not admit that the weight of the causes of A5 articles included to disappear, but does not rule out for this reason.

believe that many people have in the A5 submission, but do not know how many people will check before the release of the article and not included, if not detected, you may wish to check today, listening to a colleague said, before he contributes articles now is not included, so I also checked. If this is the case, here I will not post article URL. Below I to analyze the situation.

fifth, please complete and other

second, due to the A5 contribution of many people, even if it is original, it will inevitably out of the high similarity phenomenon, this may be one reason of the collected first and then disappeared.

A5 may make a lot of people depend too much on, when the A5 submission becomes a habit, please pay attention to details, how to analyze the Authority Station, maybe you can get a lot of. Today is to share this, this paper written by www.hydc007贵族宝贝 Hangzhou marriage investigation company editor, please keep the.

first, I’m sure I contribute in the original article is A5, I believe that contribute to the A5 of the articles are not very poor, so the quality is not a big problem.