through the observation to the railway station, we should have learned to love Shanghai for a new station, through the summary we should know what to do: for example, do the right work, early 301 website articles timely updates and do not attempt to pass the right to do a good ranking chain technique. Of course, this.

2: a collection of new sites included in the root domain as if I did 301 of the owners have not found, love Shanghai is included in the new first included in the root domain without WWW, and the page will be included with the WWW about a week later in a few days, and most of them also to root domain ranking sites appear in the search results, which have a certain distinction for our generalization of WWW, it is recommended that you try to in the new sites just on the line to 301, to the promotion and the stability of the rankings, but for some personal blog many webmasters are to promote the root domain could not consider this situation.

4: ranking stability is generally three months after included about everything is money, at this time you may focus on is the ranking. When a month before the ranking in the ten page most popular keywords even in dozens of pages later, what occurs when the ranking is stable to the individual? The observation that, at about three months the ranking has been basically stable, but the follow-up by other methods to optimize except for changes, in the course of about three months there is a phenomenon that is the beginning of the new station if through a large number of the chain to achieve a good ranking, generally 11 stable "phenomenon appeared in this time".

1: new sites included time is greatly accelerated in the first half of last year, the love of Shanghai is relatively slow for the railway station, many webmaster every day site instructions, hope to be able to see included in the results, however, are generally on-line two weeks to find love in the new Shanghai included, but recently the situation is love Shanghai is included in the new speed, most of the time is a new station tonight on-line, second days can be included.

3: a collection of subsequent page within two weeks after the start of the probably included home is certainly the ultimate purpose, what time began a large number included in the page, and do the seconds is the most ideal state, after I from last July to now three website business, love Shanghai search results pages in general two weeks or so, if you need to reach the second state to need the quality and the quality is high, usually within a month, the original high can do good.

do new things after the owners are most concerned about is what? Love Shanghai collection is undoubtedly one of the important to work, love Shanghai algorithm and the ranking rules every day are also in the unceasing change, study and adapt to love Shanghai become one of the many webmaster ofpainstaking research to one thing. Recently I also to love Shanghai included phenomena are long-term observation and summary, and the resulting data to share with everyone.