general, Shanghai dragon to say simply, it is relatively simple to say it’s a complicated complex. How do you say, Shanghai dragon apprentice are basically starting from the written text, and then contact title, description and Keywords tag optimization, then use H tags, strong tags are gradually exposed, then a little further began to learn how to use nofollow to control the weight, of course, here refers to the label optimization.

intitle command. Do you want to know how many people are there in the keyword title contains? Try intitle: keywords. For example, intitle: marriage investigation, to find relevant results about 167000, also is that there are so many pages of title tag contains your keywords.

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of course, the average person will be from the website included snapshot, and the chain, keywords ranking, flow and transformation effect evaluation of Shanghai Longfeng standard. But as a Shanghai dragon Er, whether it is to go to the interview or record data or, most people believe that you pay attention to the site collected snapshot, and the chain of keywords ranking of the four factors first.

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optimization, usually including the chain and the chain optimization. It can be understood, the station in the chain, the chain. You look at the portal site within the chain control how closely, of course, these are to enhance the user experience on the basis of how to improve the user experience of the website, here is the different views. The optimization of the chain, such as is the simple point of the forum signature, forum and blog group means. Based on this, so to say "Shanghai Dragon

domain command. Usage: domain:. Use this command to search your site in Shanghai did not have much access to basically. One of the commands are similar, link:贵族宝贝 web site, Shanghai dragon Er general love to use this command to view the site outside the chain, of course, refers to the YAHOO chain.

site command. Check the web site included, for example, site:www.sjqtq118贵族宝贝 can check whether the site was collected, included the number of. Usually, use the site command to quickly check whether the site is K, view the site snapshot and included.

often hear the words, then what is the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon? Popular terms, Shanghai dragon refers to the search engine optimization. People use search engines to find the information they need, as the owner of the site, we want the user through the search engine came to your site.

Shanghai dragon A few commands