third points, how to optimize.


keyword is selected, then the domain name, the weight is rising so fast, and I believe that the domain name is also a great relationship, so the original selected keyword Pinyin domain name. The second is a server, stable, fast access to the server, is also very important for the website ranking, also pay special attention to, best can do independent IP.

If Second step

search engine algorithm upgrades, as well as the industry increasingly fierce competition, now the new site optimization is becoming more and more difficult, before the network rumors of Shanghai dragon is at an end, but in my opinion, in fact, the more difficult environment, more easily create a miracle.

was the first to explain, in preparation for building the site, is directed to flow and weight, user experience do not perfect, so the user experience is very important for the site, not necessarily desirable, this, please discretion.

With the

target keywords I love Shanghai in December last year when the index is around ten thousand, now up to fifteen thousand, and the derivative of the long tail keywords base is also very much.

site after the building is completed, how to set the keyword density? I would like to remind you that after the station do not stack keywords, reasonable keyword density almost determines the site’s ranking, so the page in the title keyword suggestions in 2-3 times, the front page of the main keyword density control in less than 1.5% suggestions.

believe that doing these steps, ask for details of the optimization, the site is a great chance to get a good ranking. Changsha decoration company: 贵族宝贝520n贵族宝贝 original text, copyright, please indicate the source, and retain the link

A new After the

the author’s, just over two months on the success of impact to the weight of the 4, there is a little success, now some of their own experience and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng share. However, although the author of the new station is currently the hands of love Shanghai weight 4, but I can not guarantee that each station can be like this, so, this article is to introduce you to my personal right for everyone when the wise remark of an experienced person, the process of construction of a reference sample.

fourth points, how to optimize the long tail keywords.

, domain name and server settings

, thank you!

can through the main keyword mining long tail keywords more, so how to choose? This point in the optimization of the site is very important, my advice is to index is higher, the degree of competition is relatively small long tail keywords as site columns, modeled on the home page set is optimized, the remaining flow of small long tail keywords can be used as separate articles were released, so as to expand the website keyword thesaurus.

, the first step of keywords