Wuhan, a man opened a shop in the Taobao online, said they provide professional services to help and save his life, to persuade people to fall into the mlm. His service price is ten thousand yuan to save one person. Yesterday, the reporter through his left to get in touch with him, the man claimed that he has experience in MLM, and has a unique way to help and persuade people into mlm. Experience pyramid scheme, save the idea after initiation

yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw a strange shop in Taobao online: the owner is not selling goods, but claimed to provide professional services to lay down his life to save, can fall into the MLM friend, each save a person 10 thousand yuan, the first payment after.


to do a period of time, click on the display and data are very good, as a result to indulge in marketing practice and observation of the Internet, a new method of Wangzhuan can not let go. With my own test, with you to discuss how to use people Wangzhuan the new advertising profit

MLM popular save the market space,


remote persuade save only "southern"

for websites, especially for large picture sites, the ad model has clearly expanded its advertising and revenue streams. >

Zhang said, now China MLM has been divided into the South and the North sent two. "The North faction is all the people who have no money, this kind of pyramid selling is extremely strict to the personal freedom restriction, help them to have no heart to collect money, occasionally have the time to volunteer to help.". School personnel management personnel is relatively loose, free, and members of the family is more wealthy."

domestic e-commerce development is hot, many webmasters are doing e-commerce advertising. Figure treasure type of advertising, you can say that businesses and sites found a good combination of points.

one, e-commerce business:

here is a question worth exploring: what can I do to make a big gate website

this model of advertising directly to the "goods" displayed to the user. In contrast, the fastest application of this advertising model is undoubtedly e-commerce business. In terms of advertising. When a user reading the contents of web pages, this advertisement appeared, and when the user is interested to trigger yourself, in a very clever way to convey the product information to the user, thereby directly stimulating the purchase.


Zhang said, in southern MLM family looking for him to go to the rescue, they need to be out to another city to persuade. "So that I can convince it thoroughly."." Mr. Zhang >

a few months ago, I found out that there was an advertising model in foreign countries where advertising was embedded in the pictures of the website so that users could buy the pictures at any time. For example, when you see an entertainment page and see Ruby Lin wearing a beautiful dress, and if the user likes it, click a small label on the picture to buy it. This makes it easier for users to buy what they like. Users buy things, pictures of the site can also get the Commission provided by the business. It can be said that it is a very good advertising model for users and has been looking forward to the introduction and transformation of this model by domestic companies. Recently found that this model has been introduced by a company called "figure advertising" company, and quietly rising in the country. I became one of the first members of this company, so let’s see what happens first:

Mr. Zhang thinks his business market will be very big. "Because MLM will not be extinct for a long time, even in the perfect law of the United States, MLM still prevails.". The demand is great and no one else is competing with me. I swear to be the first person in China’s job rescue."

through the shop left in the number, the reporter contacted the net name called "blue box" shop owner. The owner claimed surnamed Zhang, 27 years old this year, Huanggang, graduated from Hubei University, worked in Wuhan for many years. "My original job is to do marketing planning, but at the beginning of an acquaintance by an acquaintance of Guangxi, Nanning MLM, escape, I have opened the shop to save people’s idea."

started doing it, it was a bit of a surprise. After inserting a piece of code, the picture of the website is matched with the clothing information of some e-commerce merchant. If the user likes the dress, he will buy the relevant merchant by clicking on it immediately.

according to Mr. Zhang analysis, general persuasion methods are directly tell you that this is MLM, its loopholes in where, and where is the secret?. "This kind of preaching is hard for many MLM people." Mr. Zhang believes that the "reverse stimulation" for this type of people is very effective. "The way I do it is," I told him, "I’m interested in the project, let him convince me, and then I’ll ask him something he can’t answer, and let him find the flaw.". Because they are smart enough to wake up to their own senses." Zhang claims to have rescued 6 friends in MLM by this means.


as a new way of earning and advertising for users, I think it is acceptable to form large media. The contradiction lies in: billing methods. Because this kind of advertising is mainly sold by royalty. We know that, in general, large network media are not inclined to charge in this way. So, obviously, to cover the big media, you have to change the way you pay for it. Such as CPC, CPM, and the like.

Mr. Zhang said, "when I was deceived into Nanning, I was a student in Hangzhou, using the" reverse stimulation "method, let me wake up. I think I can use this method to save other people."

two, website media: