4, Shanghai dragon learning psychological lazy, lazy. Search engine optimization entry and simple application is very simple, but it is difficult to master. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er only study on the skin can be a part of that website >

2, in China, most of the relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Dragon Technology misunderstanding, think Shanghai dragon is purely to improve the ranking, bring click, they usually only pay attention to the results, do not care about the process, but the most important is precisely the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon with the enterprise itself is not very good, cause keywords ranking couldn’t get effect within planned time. The enterprises have the wrong understanding of Shanghai dragon. Public benefit, but also to some extent hindered the development of search engine optimization.

1, Shanghai dragon, action Chinese regular search engine optimization, it is often speak of "white Shanghai dragon" has been suppressed. Whether it is "black hat Shanghai dragon", or search engine itself, have restricted the application of "white hat technology Shanghai dragon". First, most of the black hat, black hat Shanghai dragon is to use the program, they set up a tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of web page, as easy as blowing off dust, as long as they put the spiders crawl out. Even if a few months their site being punished, he may have won a lot of profit. Compared with the long white hat optimization process, high return on investment to let them linger. Vice Foreign is the white hat Shanghai dragon dominant, they are usually a contemptuous disregard to black hat technology, little use. While the domestic search engine of Shanghai dragon hostile to Shanghai dragon Er suffered.

with the Shanghai dragon concept in the Internet continue to spread and grow, along with the optimization idea into every enterprise has a website related to the person in charge of thought. However, the actual situation is not optimistic, various problems have been in the real development block of Shanghai longfeng.

Compared with foreign

Shanghai dragon since entering the Chinese Internet practitioners continue to increase, researchers in Shanghai dragon does not stop changes according to the search engine to find some of them can be Shanghai Dragon technology use law, at the same time, Shanghai Longfeng domestic training industry as learning training of small bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and to the formal training later, with the corresponding certificate (certificate of gold, regardless of how). In fact, these are superficial, in fact, Shanghai dragon in China is not so optimistic.

3, the domestic market is too chaotic Shanghai dragon. Many enterprises do not have the professional staff of Shanghai dragon. For the optimization of work only to the outside enterprises to seek cooperation. But the network company to optimize the price is too high, resulting in a lot of people in Shanghai Longfeng at very low prices to win a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises to optimize the work. Uneven price, also do not understand the Internet technology will lead to the person in charge of the enterprise Shanghai Longfeng misunderstanding. At the same time, the regional price difference is very obvious, this difference will ultimately affect the enterprise cross regional sales of product cost.