and the construction method of the high quality of the chain according to the interpretation of love can come to Shanghai white paper the following methods: first, to focus on the relationship between the chain content and carrier, and the chain carrier must have high quality and readability, and by this matter.

fourth carrier, the quality of the chain is too poor, which is mainly reflected in the many webmaster in some forum just released your own web site, or leave "Oh, smile" extremely simple affixed to the top, so that your forum signature into a chain, but this way has been love Shanghai identified as low quality links.

second, false deception link. This is a lot of stationmaster hope to promote a website flow approach. The flow is mainly by false deception usually some seductive words, such as free, free raffle and people love going to taobao贵族宝贝 some large platform outside the chain of anchor text links, but the final point is the anchor text keywords and have no relevance.

in the face of the low quality of the chain so many forms, so how to avoid the risk of low quality of the chain? Many people may say, since there are so many low quality chain risk, so if there is malicious competitors to discredit their own website, it is not a higher risk. So in order to solve the low quality of the chain in addition to its own risk, should resolutely avoid these risks, but also the need to strengthen the construction of the high quality chain, through the negative form of repression to achieve.

, the incidence of the chain. This is a chain of the construction method of the early, but because of the high efficiency, coupled with the post machine algorithm itself is also in constant progress, in the construction of the chain crazy is still an indispensable tool, so there are a lot of opportunistic webmasters use this weapon of mass chain.

with love Shanghai algorithm intelligent level rising, more and more owners began to realize in the optimization must be in strict accordance with the love of Shanghai white paper to optimize, so the low quality of the chain site began to pay attention to it, but in fact many webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but not consciously into the low quality of the chain in the trap, so that the site’s ranking is not stable, the author believes that the risk to avoid the low quality of the chain to the site, we must first recognize the source of the low quality of the chain.

The first use of

that the low quality of the chain source? According to the interpretation of love can be found in Shanghai white paper are mainly the following several kinds of low quality chain.

What are the

third, the weight is not high on the platform release not related to the chain. Because now a lot of high weight website platform outside the chain release has a strict control, this let many webmaster friends puzzled, then turned to a number of potential new sites or weight is not high site outside the chain, and these so-called potential station is only the case of speculation, are difficult to raise weight so, lead to the chain website in low weight on the site too much, resulting in the low quality of the chain risk significantly.