black chain is so popular is because black chain cost is relatively low, so low price makes many owners are able to afford this price. SF, medical treatment, lottery industry profits is the use of black chain for most popular industry.

black chain is practical or not according to the specific circumstances, I do in the Xiaofeng lottery business site, I will analyze the competitor rankings and black chain method, thinking whether purchasing lottery system I can choose the black chain. If your competitors are you judging in use and ranking just fine, you can choose, but choose the black chain not too much, I do when purchasing lottery website system, I once imported black chain number control in general about 6—12, the chain strategy, good planning is the most important, then again in a timely manner to write some soft update these shortcomings, choose the black chain also need their own experience to see the purchasing lottery website management system, whether more stringent or omission, do your utmost to achieve the stability of the chain.


black chain? Black chain is the use of improper means or third party software will own the chain secretly into others net, web application vulnerabilities, server vulnerabilities can enable them to find the opportunity to join others dark chain website. Is mainly due to lax management of the site, mainly in the enterprise website, PR and their weights are relatively high. This cheating behavior has constituted fraud in Shanghai. The purchasing lottery system website as an example from the following knowledge and share Shanghai dragon black chain.

if you are not cold chain black then daily updates your own articles and the chain resources on the line, these are the focus of the development of your site. If the dumpster or profits of lottery industry website to short time get fast ranking, can buy black chain, if the number of well controlled if this effect also.

but black chain there are a lot of disadvantages is that he is not stable, the existence of black chain is unfair, in someone else’s website is not legitimate, while others found that is sure to give it away, to see how the search engines? Today I Xiaofeng lottery website the climb to the link, tomorrow you cannot climb to this link, search engine for the chain link attitude is longer, the more valuable the link. If this situation occurs frequently, the search engine will think this people to experience?.

think about doing so many high weight website link to my site purchasing lottery system, the lottery website traffic will increase, on the website of the benefits is self-evident, he is a drop of black chain weight high price to buy the site, it is tempting, which is why many people are willing to buy black chain. It also makes the black chain, quite popular.

2, the black chain effect on site

What is the black chain