site is essential, but at the same time compared with other sites of work is not the most important, such as the construction of website content. Maybe see here, some people may ask if a new site is not outside the chain, how can cause search found for crawling their site, in fact, until now, the search engine spiders have been able to find their new site, sometimes rather than take the initiative to submit to the better, because it is found that the spider web site, more the value of paoti… Website to increase external links. It has good effect to the site in the search engine rankings, but because of the uncontrollable maneuverability, an often successful link behind not only have a lot of time and energy inputs, must also have luck. So we spend more energy on the content of the website, because of our own internal links can be manipulated, and some time ago love Shanghai pomegranate update algorithm, has always stressed the high quality network >

, the search engine ranking odds is bigger, but most of the time, often self defeating, many novice in Shanghai Longfeng know the external links for the role of the website ranking, believe that dues to a large amount of time and energy to their site outside link building work, so that we often see, some people in Shanghai dragon in the short term by means of all kinds to get a lot of external links to a site quickly, after many people complain that this approach does not allow their website to get good rankings, but was previously ranked keywords good began to decline in the rankings, even some keywords ranking has reached 100 outside.

to say here is that a website external links is the growth rate should be natural, with the continuous development of the site, the number of external links to the site will slowly increase, so the suggestion: don’t short time to your site to increase the number of external links, this approach is very easy to cause the search engine the spider suspect, because the search engine on your website such behavior would be contrary to the ranking of the principles of justice, after all, now Shanghai Longfeng current situation is not a few years ago, now the search engine spiders will own to judge whether a site cheating.

are what? The more the number of links a website external links into The construction of the chain

with the recent Shanghai love a series of algorithm updates, Scindapsus algorithm at the beginning of the year from outside the chain, then some time ago love Shanghai LEE criteria, and then to the pomegranate recent algorithm, it is not difficult to see the love in Shanghai now for the site outside the chain of the crackdown, making the majority of the webmaster often fear, you know that an algorithm to update it will involve yourself, so we only have to brake, very calm in the face of love Shanghai every update, so in the construction site outside the chain of errors often encountered in

, a number of site outside the chain of natural growth, to have a natural

two, do their best to control things