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for work during the day, and did not check back home in the evening, I fell in love with the sea at SITE, found that the site has been included, but is not included with WWW. Although only a collection of a specific time has Wucongkaozheng, but generally speaking, the new station included time no more than 19 hours earlier, maybe.

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1, I send the chain forum, is the company’s Web site is a new forum forum, but the higher the weight of the site itself based on the quality of the chain is relatively high, so soon to be found and included the search engine.

time: October 8, 2011 at 20:30 in the evening

2, love >

in this post I do anchor text links, two is to write a web site, plus some descriptive text, the next step is to wait for the.

this experiment, mainly to test only a link in the case of a new on-line site in the end how long can be included in the next time, I will continue to pay attention to, and record the data. I will send it a specific link in the corporate forum, see:

just have a domain name, just pick up the back, probably because it is the CN domain name, being lost, have a Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝.cn, simply put it back again, one is not much. The domain name has already prepared the case analysis of success, has been empty. Spend an hour, with the new open space to upload a Z-BLOG program, chose a three bar theme, set up columns, want to make an introduction to Shanghai Longfeng introduction to the training station, by the way again to verify recent love Shanghai attitude and rules to the railway station is not changed. Site installation and setting everything up soon, but the default program still need to make some changes, especially the use of plug-ins, for the specific operation optimization of Z-BLOG program can refer to this article.

time: October 8, 2011 at 1:30 in the morning


the Shanghai dragon combat class training has entered the second stage, is also the Shanghai Dragon technology learning, in the last class, we talked about the "web site", "link", the "sandbox effect" of these basic concepts, in order to let the students understand the meaning and experience the wonderful what happened, I decided to do an experiment with a new station, to verify these concepts of how words are true.

from being included this matter, at least prove two things: