as the saying goes, a master door, in personal practice, this sentence is not true, especially this sentence in the Shanghai dragon new body is more real, now we all know that Shanghai dragon is one of the network promotion methods is the best promotion methods, do Shanghai dragon people are using search engine ranking to attract popularity to attract customers, the convenience of network tools and the search engine as a modern man is very popular, there are large quantities of users, so that is good to do Shanghai Longfeng promotion, but some have just started to learn Shanghai Dragon Phoenix novices are very upset, want to learn Shanghai Longfeng, on the network check the mass of Shanghai dragon tutorial, but how are some unleavened dough teaching materials, there is no practical, there is no substantive, resulting in a lot of Shanghai Longfeng newcomers Don’t know where to start to learn Shanghai Longfeng promotion, so the saying goes whether brought in personal practice, only for beginners, learning may not be very difficult, so the novice learning how to start? I have a learning program, based on my experience, when you want to learn the same technology, we must first understand the operating principle of the platform technology and some operation methods according to this, we know that in time will be more easy to learn well, said so much, also did not say what substantive things, may beginners worry, now I give you talk about the principle of Shanghai dragon, and use principle some methods, hope to help beginners.

before we say Shanghai Longfeng method, we want to understand the search engine, first we all know that the search engine is a kind of convenience, then taking the tool, we can use the platform in the search engine keyword query the goods we need, operation is simple and easy to understand, so the search engine users is very large, but internal search engine is not so simple, the first search engine is divided into three parts, of course, some of the search engine is divided into two parts, so in order to make a more detailed explanation of the search engine, I put the search engine is divided into three parts, the first part is the familiar search engine the front desk, is presented to the user query interface, this part is to do user operation, do not need to code, if you can query button A deserved information, so the search engine also is not to say, the second part is the search engine server, some friends said, the search engine server is not included in the search engine front? In fact, which is not to regard it as right, front, and the true extraction is the place where we information server, when we query keywords when the search engine, the server back to match the data, and extract data from the database of search engines, and the arrangement of ranking presented to you.

              here some friends will ask? Then the search engine database is what? In fact, search engine is the third part of the database search engine. "

, a search engine principle analysis