three: a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is heavy traffic and ignore the conversion rate of

but for the enterprise website optimization Shanghai dragon, it is very simple, is not related to content updates, the construction of the chain, the chain optimization, structure optimization and so on, but when you do it often imperceptibly went to the misunderstanding of the enterprise website optimization, here we have to summarize six major errors easily caught in the

four: keyword selection is not in place of


is now the majority of enterprises in the beginning of construction site did not consider the Shanghai Phoenix and Shanghai Longfeng optimization, optimization is also in recent years was prosperous, so those who have not done before the Shanghai dragon optimization site, now basically have died, if not love Shanghai, that basically is not to these sites shadow, how to do, should the enterprise bear the expensive love Shanghai promotion expenses? We can now turn over from the new Shanghai dragon picked up the weapon to optimize their own websites and start again? In fact, this can be done, of course, to do is very difficult. So much still need professional Shanghai Longfeng optimization company to give you the tailored Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme, so as to ensure that your site is back! < / P>

: a website can not be beautiful on the line,

this is a lot of enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems, although the above two staff in Shanghai Longfeng plagued many, but after efforts to finally let the boss obey their own opinions, and then through their own efforts, finally will own website promotion to the first page of the love of Shanghai, so the flow is there, but the conversion rate is not, the website jump rate is very high, we lack the key using the long tail words to get traffic, so as to find the accurate flow, let Shanghai Longfeng optimization become very


is now a lot of enterprise website is that beautiful type, but the content is very pale, and even very conducive to search engine included, but the boss would like the website, which makes a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel have to feel very embarrassed, on the one hand to ensure that the board’s request, on the other hand and let the site’s ranking go, so finally had to obey the boss, Shanghai dragon optimization Zuobuxiaqu, chose to do promotion with

actually do the enterprise website optimization, more difficult point is the choice of keywords, you know a company’s product is very.

! website flashy without substance

this point basically same as above, most of the flash website, and the price is relatively expensive, but flash is a sunset industry, because and is not compatible with the search engine, causing flash could not get a wide range of applications, while the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization personnel though this profound understanding, but the boss will not be illegal, finally can only through the pictures ALT attribute optimization, the final effect is naturally very poor

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