for festivals and popular events combine to write the article, the correlation is certainly very high, this is the original article about a great principle: relevance, high correlation for the site overall weight is very helpful; if write an article with the website content does not match, it will disperse the weight the website, a website message if you put the logistics information.

SMS website using the festival to update the article details as follows: when a holiday is approaching, we do the update in advance, because the holidays, all users are very concerned about the content, such as the party’s Day is coming, we update the advance party day blessing message now, party day Funny SMS this update is good, and better service for customers, if not when someone enters your website on father’s day, found the inside of the articles are some other festivals, so users will like? We all know coming in one day, someone looking for is certainly relevant with the holiday message, if you earlier hit the needs of customers, we can not only make the user experience, we can make the flow is a big surge of each When the festival is coming, 28 SMS network at holiday time flow has obvious improvement. As for SMS website information, combined with popular news, I believe we are not unfamiliar, remember to grab salt incident, website update message content with time to grab the salt, to get a very good effect on the 2011: "rob salt classic Funny SMS", like this article.

two, the high correlation, the search engine for

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, in line with the user’s reading, to enhance the user experience

is engaged in the optimization of SMS website has a year’s time, some experience and methods through the daily update summary, I think the SMS Web site updates articles should seize the popular festivals and events, this has two advantages:

web site is a web site of the soul, to support with the contents of the web site content updates more vitality! Is a matter of every webmaster every day should face seriously, whether it is the original article or through an article pseudo original out of the webmaster friends in the content of the update spent a lot of effort. From the contents of the update themselves on some feelings, if a website only requires the number of updates and do not pay attention to quality, update the article for us is very easy, right hand left hand copy paste, or through the tools of the acquisition, with more new lists of articles; but this quality is not high. Believe webmaster friends all know that we should pay more attention to the website to update the quality, especially for the low weight of the new station, if you want to solve the problems included, can only start from the quality, to update the strategy I think it should be in the original, pseudo original supplement. The article should consider the user’s experience, here’s what I is how to update the.