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must have a lot of friends tonight in front of television watching and family show, the author and his family watching the Spring Festival evening, but I was holding the Shanghai dragon mentality to watch the Spring Festival Gala, this is when the author the share to all Shanghai Dragon New Year gift er.

when I opened the Shanghai love to know, I was shocked, within half an hour of this love Shanghai know traffic has soared to more than 5W, this is the use of third party high weight platform allows you overnight to detonate flow, it is a pity that this web server has burst.

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again when Louis Liu and Qing Dong cooperation, Qing Dong once again become Louis Liu’s support, this show is undoubtedly the highest degree of concern, since it is Louis Liu, since it is a magic, so secret is certainly all Internet users favorite things, a member of the author is all curious friends in the search, "Louis Liu 2012 magic secret", there is a love of Shanghai know the second row,



was the first to introduce the Spring Festival evening, hundreds of millions of viewers watched the stage, there is no doubt that the show will be the highest degree of concern on the thirty words. Then, as in previous years, the peak of the audience is love program will undoubtedly be discussed to the network, micro-blog, everywhere is the Spring Festival evening topic forum.

then preliminary estimate search Louis Liu secret magic users at least 1000 people per minute, this is the use of hot events, detonated flow through the third party platform, so for those who often say that now the flow is more and more difficult, so my suggestion is as an excellent Shanghai dragon Er, you have to understand all that is may the drainage method, we can foresee the Louis Liu magic secret will fire, but we also have many people to do