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, a website user experience

suggestion: re lock the user population, the website construction planning, a contact in the header or footer or 1-2 under the angle of selected write it! The most important is that let the user through the keywords to find this station, and the customer needs to show the contents of the user in front of

has a lot of friends often asked, my site did not rank! I am not only cheating, and published articles are all original articles! See this, the first thought is to love Shanghai really cause convulsions! Here! And a number of Hou such sites is analyzed, summarized the following three reasons;

this is the most right down the web site problems, poor user experience, users come to the site to find what you want! Many enterprise stand, for their so-called optimization of the update of a number of spam! Customers care about things that hide! This is the enterprise stand in the location when there is a problem of their target customers and website structure is not reasonable enough to know not! But these problems still exist many problems, especially with the full screen! Some even continue to jump out of the window! It’s very hate! This website is a good starting point but right back! But the website jump out rate increased

modification suggestion: increase the intensity of the original high quality articles focus on the readability of

this echoes began, the site frequently updated and is the original article, why not to increase included no ranking site but was K! Of course not ranking part of being injured site! But generally being injured site, a month basically can be restored in the rankings! Is K site, enterprise station the news station station station novels and literary jokes most! Because of highly repetitive problems in this site is website content, website content sources are collected from the Internet! Casually copy a paste, love Shanghai red throughout the search search engine


is really the original article, is generally the water, do not say first readability, short length of the poor, and even some is a word article! How such articles would you recommend to the user


do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends are having a headache this thing, think site optimization has achieved the ultimate! Then in addition method to update the site data continuously and there is no better promotion website ranking? The careful analysis on the site after optimization, even the most basic are not well, the main sites of the three basic elements of label. The picture wasn’t ready! Not only the existence of a large number of keyword stuffing! And add a lot of pictures of a watch is to promote more in name than in reality! Keyword density! Use the tips website ranking by keyword density! But this way out of date! Although this way to get some.

website optimization details !Although !