the above illustration is the author of the blog example with zblog blog, in the page design, general message board, to review the template Nofollow optimization, so as to prevent the site to become link factories, but the optimized keyword in the internal and external chain but not to do. Number of similar comments, views, a few character theory, this text also have what use? Instead of diluting the website keyword. Therefore we use nofollow tag for its optimization, reducing the useless key chain. Of course, this is a practical example firmly believe that in the website optimization process there are many, but not optimized to occupy the vast majority of be in place.

Nofollow details


: a Nofollow value of

Nofollow label, Google initially launched by the application, but in the subsequent optimization, its role has been recognized by various search engines, the current mainstream search engines have all support Nofollow tags. Nofollow means to guide its search engines do not track label refers to the page link, the website weight can be more focused, and not to be of no great importance link weight dispersion. In addition, Nofollow plays the role of not only to disperse the weight of the chain website, this is only on the one hand, it is can eliminate the internal link dilution keyword. As an optimization label, its role in the Sino Vietnamese website ranking plus highlighted. A close, Nofollow is laying the successful website details.


as an optimization label, Nofollow can be used in the actual use: advertising chain shield, shielding, shielding JS site statistics code after the call link, shielding useless keywords within the chain (about us, comments, see more…… ). The above is used to the white hat Shanghai Longfeng way, and if some people have an ulterior motive, in Links exchange will also use Nofollow to shield the chain. So Links into a single connection, though it is not shame, but such people also meet the eye everywhere.

Shanghai Longfeng details of the optimization is very important, but the details of how to optimize what many owners do not understand?. Pilot technology to discuss optimization about "nofollow" today Shanghai website construction company. As a webmaster for the nofollow tag and what you know? In the actual operation and the number of sites actually use nofollow to optimize it? In fact, for most owners, did not pay attention to the optimization. However, the nofollow tag is small, but if the optimization in place, concerning the development of the core competitiveness of the website. In today’s Shanghai dragon optimization of the proliferation of the Internet, who pay more attention to the details of the optimization, then more likely to win success. A short step, a thousand miles, so the website optimization in the details of the accumulation of.