can see the optimization work of this site has arrived late, but the keywords ranking is still no improvement, this is one of the reasons Shanghai dragon Er knows? Here’s to some speculation and experience of the writer to discuss with everybody, which ranked the piaffe.

took over the site before had been optimized over

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According to the latest guidelines for

(2) anchor text is the best natural appearance. In the ranking of piaffe not before the reason is excessive optimization, we have to be cautious with the anchor text of this approach, in fact, now the weight of the anchor text has been much more than before, in the usual add Web content, anchor text should appear natural. For example, the "Shanghai site construction" as the anchor text page today, can put the "Shanghai website" as the anchor text to the product page tomorrow, so as not to the same word is optimized for many times, nature does not appear excessive optimization problem.


we all know, Shanghai dragon in addition to some technology, but also need to have strong execution to continue to adhere to the optimization to make the website ranking at home. But there are some sites in accordance with the regular optimization steps to do more than 2 months, or 3 months, the website ranking still in the same place. This is really a people downhearted. I do have such a website, from beginning to now, the optimization time has been more than 2 months, ranking still so:

site in the optimization of

(1) gradually removed the anchor text. You may ask me, love the sea has a collection of articles, removed the anchor text which would have been too late? It is too late, but also useful. Love is actually the Shanghai spiders crawl Times article, if we removed some of the anchor text of the article, can change the love of spiders in Shanghai on our previous impression, of course, not all of a sudden removed, not all removed, should be gradually removed part of the anchor text repeated.

One reason:

technology in the Shanghai dragon now has been very popular, but there are still.


is two months before taking over the site, before the optimization work is a website editor of this company to do, may be due to technical problems or to Shanghai dragon have some misunderstanding, the author found that before the site was taken over almost every article with several anchor text, and are pointing to the home page:

algorithm and optimization love Shanghai, although the station for the anchor text page can effectively improve the word, but the anchor text is likely to lead to excessive website optimization, which is love Shanghai drop right or directly K off. This site is a typical example of being punished, so in this case, we have to do to improve, how don’t let it stop it in the rankings after taking over

Two reasons: the