in the website optimization, we will open the site of habitual home page, right click to view the source code, see title tags and keywords, description, also is the title, keywords, description of the web page. In almost all the search results will show the title and description, thus, how important it is for the website optimization, good keywords and description will attract more users to click on, so as to bring traffic to the site.

for the title of the site, we should first clear the site title length in the 30 word, because the search engine in search results show only about 30 words, write more useless. Secondly, the title of the home page should contain important keywords and the main brand, there are a lot of people will be wondering why the title should be included in the brand, this is because the words that give users better brand recognition, finally, keywords in the title by English semiangle sign (_), (|), (,), (- separated) are possible, (_) underline effect is blank, the title is the number of website is generally 3 words plus 1 brand word, should be less than.

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website title is generally set "column name brand" word, do not need to do extra description. One is because the inside pages of the weight value itself is not high, the layout of a number of key words is very unreasonable. Two is the simplicity of the column name can be used at a glance this column is what, is conducive to the user experience. General settings of the site the article page title as the title of the article "brand word" on it.

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Keywords tag is used to place keywords, but love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee said to ask the Keywords tag, keywords tags are already into the dustbin of history, we will ignore." Thus, the ranking algorithm love Shanghai, website keywords ranking and keywords tags placed inside without any relationship.

description is the description of the website, although not directly involved in the effect of keywords ranking, but the user in the search results reference description click on the site, increase traffic to your site in the search results, click on the search volume is conducive to the website ranking. Described in the ranking of the greatest value is to attract users to click on, so when we write the description, to write out the characteristics of the site, to attract users to click on and not by the keyword composition.

summary, set the site title and description of the website optimization is reasonable, basically, to know the selection of key words is not imaginary, it is we need to conduct the requirement analysis and screening of a large number of keywords, so as to ensure that our website is ranking and flow.