believe in love for Shanghai algorithm pay more attention to the user experience the Internet to resolve this vast sea of information, we want to come out from the sea, we still need to perform more efforts, so that we can go on the road above the light shining bright.

for the love of Shanghai some time ago to search engine greatly adjusting algorithm, leads us to some of the webmaster generous K station, ranking dropped several pages. The modification of this algorithm is to search engine after love Shanghai pay more attention to the direction of the user experience under the heavy hand, to combat illegal websites and black hat Shanghai dragon and so on site, we can see it from various aspects, we must learn to do their own website.


3. love Shanghai Web2.0 anti spam page grand launch, the launch of the new functions do not know is not to follow the trend of foreign love Shanghai Google launched Panda algorithm and penguins algorithm, only from the launch of Google, followed in the fall in love with the defender in front of everyone. The love of Shanghai love Shanghai Web2.0 anti spam is mainly devoted to fighting some website there is garbage information processing, for some use and enlarge some open source CMS, Web2.0 in the development of BBS, there are loopholes in BLOG procedures such as cheating mass spam. This function is very powerful, if you love him, Shanghai updated to perform well, or make some comprehensive sweep for some black hat technology

This is the recently launched a new

1., you may wish to try now love Shanghai > account login; then search for certain keywords, you will appear in the search when the first link appears below the "add beloved Shanghai home", hover will prompt "you can directly access the site in Shanghai love home". A search for "A5", similar to the specific show as below:

2. early love Shanghai new, can see it love Shanghai version of the home page can not only according to our customers to use the behavior and habits of the accurate search results are recommended, and also optimize the rich website, applications, entertainment and other resources, so that we more convenient.

of course, the algorithm always love Shanghai has also been adjusted, we can also find out of control, we need to do is how to let users on our website has good experience and deep impression, increase the user experience, the user is the main target to keep our customers, what do you mean "is God", "customer is God", this website can go long, really do keep the user is to keep the "money", this is the king.


Shanghai dragon! The new version of the home page

can be seen from the figure, this function and love Shanghai collection, love Shanghai share almost the same.