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1. analysis of peer website

two. From the media

in addition to optimizing the case the individual exceptions, you can also consider doing your own media, since the media exposure effect is good, just two months will be able to reach 470 thousand views, which is needed by the enterprise, the original small is spent 600 dollars to buy a friend from the media account, and now this, from the media account has become one of the killer I interview, 100 test Braun;

value increase;

this trick is very useful, the boss every day in the attention of customers and colleagues, they do have a doubt, why people in old website home page, but my site didn’t rank? As long as you analyze peer site shortcomings, the boss will for you to sit up and take notice, for analysis, here is not done many shows, different industry site analysis;

1800, I can only give you so much! "The interview manager deadpanned said to the Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon Er bow mused, eventually, bite the helpless nodded, perhaps hate incompetent themselves, also hated the cruel world not Bole Chollima; but think about success the Shanghai dragon Er lot, everyone must have the same experience. So, how to prove its value in Shanghai dragon Er

? When the

optimization case is a gorgeous name card, is far more effective than diploma, but because there is no small optimization case and by enterprise ruthless exploitation, but if you have a successful optimization case, it is not the same, now many enterprises need to do optimization, but most of the Dragon Fengdu has no effect and concerns. As long as you have a successful case, to dispel the worries of enterprises, so that they will pay attention to your own value;

. A case of

four: Great trees are good for shade., with large platform authority

wants to let the enterprise boss you trust, you must use your unique analysis of Shanghai dragon thinking, mainly from two aspects:

Shanghai dragon for many novice, may be afraid, or do not know what kind of build optimization case, here we can consider to build their own personal blog, personal blog optimization difficulty is low, and life, to build a blog is not expensive, a few hundred dollars fix.

Shanghai Longfeng successful optimization super cow X 2.

analysis of how to improve their websites beyond peer

analyzed peer site, if the boss thinks you are right, then the next step is to analyze how the site operation Strike while the iron is hot., continue to more than peers for him, as long as people feel great God comes, then you will get the

three. The use of the unique thinking of Shanghai Longfeng persuasion enterprise boss