two site, are around the main keywords Xiaoertuiretie antifebrile or cooling related topics. However, the correlation between doing well. In fact, the relevance of site content included the effect of not much, as long as the content of the website can not too much similarity. I noticed some peer site articles are mostly "Xiaoertuiretie manufacturers good?" "which Xiaoertuiretie manufacturers better?", the title of the article, the similarity is too large, generally included is not very good.

3, the content of the richness of

The correlation between

is as follows, some data of Shanghai Longfeng website, the domain name age is 3 months, for a month snapshot of stagnation, has been included in the single digits, the main keyword in the search engine page two or three. Another site, there were individual words on the search engine home page, the same server space, optimize personnel with same optimization means the same, the results are opposite, the author from many aspects to analyze these two websites.

1, website article unique

I recently in the optimization of 3 medical sites, found that two stations appeared card snapshot articles not included the phenomenon. The author of the three stations are optimized at the same time, the main keywords are "Tuire tie" website, why three sites using the same optimization method, but the result is different from the

three, website article quality analysis

, the basic data of

The structure of website The unique

website unique including article titles and the content of the original, I generally write articles, the search engine will reference data have no repetition of the title, if any, will be replaced. So the two site article title no problem. But the page content of the website is unique, directly through the search engines can be learned, the page content as shown below, no duplicate pages in the search engine, illustrate the uniqueness of the content to do better.

website is mainly reflected in the depth of the link, two stations are using tree structure, website has news list page, the spider crawling through two times to the page. Moreover, the author is more site spider crawling, at the bottom and right, respectively, made a "related article" and "random article" plate. From the perspective of optimization, the recommended correlation can add "random article, can make other articles within the site have more link to the entrance, so as to improve the capture probability and be a spider crawling.


I think the quality of website article is mainly reflected in the following aspects, the uniqueness and the correlation, the content richness and authoritative recommendation.

content is mainly embodied in the creative.

The richness of

two, website structure

2 and the content of the websiteThe