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web site for a long time, every day to build their own bustling about the website of the external links, find a lot of external links and not we think is good, there is a snapshot is very new, but obviously is rubbish station, some included many, but many are collected, but there are many seem to have very high quality data, but the link very high, such as the stability of enterprise website.

first, the other core keyword ranking: whether the usual exchange Links or buy links, we seem to be the most attention are included, the PR value and website snapshot, but sometimes ignore the website of the whole weight of quality, it is the core keywords ranking. If the core keywords each website has a good ranking, then at least you can be sure of his website at least one place to do good, may be time for a long time, the domain name may have longer history, or external links more, in a word, keyword ranking website is worth considering. If the top-ranking website is a competitor, you can find the ranking slightly behind the point of the site, under normal circumstances, the weight of the site than the top is not a big gap, and the probability of success will be bigger.

third, the long tail page must have: sometimes we do not link with each other may only top of the front page of the site, especially when the other site is large, a channel page or column page is a good choice, even within the page do link bait is also worthy of our attention. This time we need to look at the basic situation of these pages, such as export links which, ranking the page of the long tail word, the page which links etc.. The long tail is equal to the weight of the page is not low. For us, if all from the home page link (reality is unlikely), then the search engine will be judged as cheating. Therefore, an integral part of the appropriate page link is in the construction of external links.

second, the overall content of Relevance: as the saying goes ", so Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together." on the website. If the whole content related websites to link, then the effect will be higher than that of other sites. We all love to exchange Links, and are in the same industry Links, this is largely because Links can help the search engine to determine the theme of the site, which is the most significant place Links. If your website and your site content is too large, even if it is home to your links, for our help is limited, the biggest help may be on the PR value, but the weight and enhance the site keywords ranking will not be much affected.

today according to my summary, I think the good external links need to meet the conditions listed, of course, these are ideal conditions, may not always be met so ideal link, if encountered, it should consider the bag without hesitation, even if the pay is worth it to buy. What is it, such as the following: