in the construction of the chain most advocate is the link anchor text form. The anchor text is to describe the link, summarizes the simple links to the theme of the page, link anchor text form to meet the dual experience search engine and user, to give the weight of keywords other deterministic effects.

pure text links, users can not directly click on the way into the URL address to the 贵族宝贝****.org/ page, this kind of form. Of course, this kind of form is not very conducive to the user experience, under the same circumstances, compared with the value of links is not very high.

three, anchor text links form

anchor text links to master page relevance, especially to target keywords for the anchor text effect is the best, of course here is for the most natural coordination, if too much focus on optimizing a keyword >

hypertext links

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from Shanghai Lee this is not difficult to learn, URL address text links is still can crawl and crawl, but as long as the weight to the user experience can give a certain link.

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, a pure text links form

is a search engine but no ground for blame, also to keep track of the pure text link ULR address by spiders crawl and crawl, many owners on this issue are still sceptical, in fact, love Shanghai love Shanghai Lee club owners Post Bar has all the webmaster stated this problem, love Shanghai LEE replied:

Of course

as a Shanghai dragon -er is had to touch the important link of chain construction, optimization for overall site construction and the chain is also essential, have a good link strategy is the best way to rapidly improve site exposure degree and conversion rate. Of course, when it comes to the construction of the chain, we have to think of the website promotion four chain form.

Shanghai dragon -er need to know is that we grasp the construction of the chain is not only to improve the keywords ranking, should go deeper to think, consider the problem from the macro aspects. Address the construction of URL pure text links can also improve site exposure rate, detail oriented, for a long time will be able to build a brand.

URL hypertext links, users can directly enter into the link through the URL address to the page. The chain of this kind compared to pure text links more mature, more perfect, when the user needs directly click access to the page, without the need to copy and paste, and improve the user experience.

two, URL

hypertext URL link not only improves the user needs, but also reduce the burden of the spider crawling efficiency. The spider can easily distinguish and link weights through the crawl and crawl to the page.