keyword advertising, integrated search of 360 is coming from the baby grow self survival ability of youth, he is preparing from positive prime love Shanghai to wrest more market share. Now the 300 war is a small friction, 360 search administrative micro-blog kept looking for love in Shanghai crop, but this can strive for more public advantages and seize more market share in

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I found that after the trial, now indeed have integrated search keyword advertising, but possible in view of keyword advertising is just beginning, and now I just found a tuniu贵族宝贝 advertisers. Their relevant keywords is also very concentrated, such as the Hangzhou tour, Yunnan tour this "swims somewhere the format of" Hongkong tourism and travel in Japan, this "travel" format, and these keywords advertisers are tuniu贵族宝贝 (pictured above). It seems "swims somewhere" and "travel" of these two words have been tuniu贵族宝贝 scored.

also, in search of tuniu贵族宝贝’s rivals such as "carefree" and "donkey mother" and other words, comprehensive search will also appear in tuniu贵族宝贝’s links, however, this advertisement not appear in the head of the queue of search results, but appear in the right side of the page promotion advertising, as shown below.

360 has not been officially high-profile for ordinary users to open the two to promote cooperation. Love Shanghai will add hyperlinks in the "love Shanghai link", to promote the Shanghai chain love home, but I only have 360 of the official website home page, find the search agent and promotion consulting contact, in addition no other information, is estimated to be a break in period.

we know that keyword advertising is several major search engines such as the nobility, the largest source of income baby love sea, 360 comprehensive search, speculation that the keyword advertising will certainly appear in 360 comprehensive search results page, but did not think their speed is very fast.


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[update] a few hours in this paper, comprehensive search keyword advertising.

keyword advertising, brand promotion to have already started a comprehensive search for revenue, but the brand direct promotion only for companies that are rich, such as the Jingdong, of course, the way cattle net also made direct brand promotion (April in red cedar tuniu capital investment got 50 million dollars).

At present,

when we reported in August 360 comprehensive search on-line, had heard 360 comprehensive search keyword advertising will be online before the end of the message. Recently, friends @ dusk space in micro-blog broke the news that the 360 comprehensive search keyword advertising has been quietly on the line.