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) Shanghai dragon and bidding

third, from the search engine user experience

bidding ranking, it is to buy keyword ranking, for a keyword if the price is high ranking will be more in front, so that some key words with one click to a dozen or even dozens of yuan, and one click is not necessarily form a transaction, if the keyword improper selection is often the money out, but don’t get orders, the conversion rate is too low. In fact, this system is with the user experience against, but because it is an important source of revenue to love Shanghai, love Shanghai continue to increase efforts to show the bidding, like the recent right for the left is to increase its efforts to show, but love is the sea more and more efforts will push up keyword click price, more let fund for the promotion of the small and medium-sized enterprises at auction and helplessly: "do not!" to bid high pay low returns, Shanghai dragon is very affordable even is low, and the keyword optimization to the home page, the optimization to the first, the website revenue is not as for bring traffic, but once up, the maintenance cost is the cost of the ranking will generally decreased to a certain extent, so for small businesses, and some promotion budget Small and medium-sized enterprises, Shanghai dragon is still a good choice.

2012 owners experienced a big update 6/28 several love Shanghai algorithm, many enterprises station, medical station and personal sites have suffered heavy losses, some time ago love Shanghai will move right auction site to the left, so as to strengthen the bidding system, and on the right side of the lower part of the original promotion, can be said to the formation of Shanghai dragon deeper attack on three sides, so the webmaster and some managers will ask the 2013 Shanghai dragon can do? Can make it clear that Shanghai dragon can do, but also relative to the bidding for Shanghai dragon is still the most small and medium-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized site choice.

from the user experience, search engine is welcome regular Shanghai dragon, because.

second, from the user’s browsing habits for

user browsing habits, from top to bottom. So even though the sea will fall in love with the right for the left, but the natural ranking is located on the left side is still the object of many users concerned, while the natural ranking is Shanghai Longfeng results (of course website of government bank a class do not need the love of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai artificial intervention, sorting) some people will say that the top left of it a bidding? And this is true, but the left auction often only a few, for the natural ranking website threat was very small, and the left side of the auction site is bidding on the victim, because there are some people love others bidding, although this behavior is not a shame, but is real.

The so-called

first cost considerations, Shanghai Longfeng relative to the cost of bidding is relatively low