in March 6, 2013, love Shanghai webmaster exchange meeting, love Shanghai official clarified the future to foster high-quality site determination. This shows that in the coming days, fell in love with the sea will increase the quality website ranking efforts, the love of Shanghai think that high-quality website in search engine. Around the quality of website launched topics have become the focus of the meeting, so what kind of website is the website that the quality of the website? Today love the stars on how to create high-quality sites that love Shanghai to express their views, if not in place, also please exhibitions.

in the past year, due to the love of Shanghai stepped up efforts to crack down on cheating in the site, which makes a lot of stationmaster thought on the site itself, summed up the basic requirements of many high-quality sites. In short, as long as they meet the needs of the masses of the website is a good website, in recent years, due to the explosive growth of Internet users China, the overall quality of Internet users has also been improved, the requirements of the site also more and more strict, so this is one of the reasons we love Shanghai driven adjustment algorithm. We want to do is to better fit the user site, allowing users to feel the site meets their needs. If you want to achieve the effect of the.


from the current Internet site situation, our website there are three main types of problems. The first is the low quality of Web sites are mostly not too much, what content, also rarely updated, this kind of website is mainly for the corporate website and some personal site. Second is the website search engine friendly, simple is reached only by keyword ranking cheating, thus greatly damage the user experience, the whole of Shanghai love search experience caused a very bad effect. The third is the site of the site of these sites Its loopholes appeared one after another., is very vulnerable to hacker attacks, often become to hang black chain, bad information content by many hackers. At the same time, many owners are now more impetuous, unable to settle down to do a website, and put a lot of effort to link and cheating on the content of the site is not to care, this also is a problem that most sites have emerged. Although the website construction in a short period of time to complete, but the content of the construction is the need to continue to persevere to achieve.

what kind of website is high-quality

love Shanghai although the official webmaster exchange expressed the will to support high quality website, but what is the quality that the site did not say love Shanghai. In fact, after such a long time love Shanghai constantly update algorithm we can see that the high quality of the site that first love Shanghai eyes is not cheating, also is the most important content. Love does not refer to a Shanghai importance put forward original content site, visible love Shanghai of original content website is very popular, so love Shanghai will naturally to the original content of the website construction.


love Shanghai "love" what kind of website