will have submitted to the soft and press release is distinguished, because the news is pure news station released, and the soft can sometimes be adopted as the news, at the same time, many owners of such sites are welcome.

website to get a good search engine rankings must be powerful external links do support, it can be said that the basic work out well in the basic structure, internal website optimization, the main work is the construction of Shanghai Longfeng chain and analysis and improvement strategies. The following share chain construction summary Ken Tan network marketing agency released the category and way and operation points.

at the same time, soft writing requires a certain writing ability and writing skills, the CAI Gen Tan network marketing agency share a lot of soft writing skills, but also a lot of interest on the network, love Shanghai search. Soft form is the main means to optimize their sites to take roots, roots of original some network marketing of actual combat experience has brought a large number of articles, the chain for the website, to help others at the same time also spread its own brand.

, that is, the following is issued outside the chain, but also the network promotion. We do in the chain must think how to maximize the effect of network promotion, at the same time we do network promotion also can not think of the way to optimize the website, the organic combination of the ideal mode is two.

two, submitted to the soft chain


and soft news, not only for a chain, more important is the way of brand promotion, and soft to be constantly reproduced, can play the effect of the spread of the virus. So soft outside the chain, soft Wen promotion way is an excellent network promotion method. But the soft chain is generally not a hypertext chain, so the effect of discount. And from the search perspective, a large number of duplicate content, after a certain period of time will stop by and gradually K off some duplicate content, so the soft chain is not stable, need to continue to write.


, a news release chain

soft contribute the most important thing is to insist, following several kind of soft Wen webmaster platform.

2, the owners of the house 贵族宝贝chinaz.> This is the best way to


outside the chain, but the chain is the worst, the reason is the relatively high weight, Shanghai dragon and brand promotion can be made one difference; the reason is the chain to pay. At the same time there are many news platform news release is not with the chain and web site address. And the news chain also need a certain amount in order to play the role of optimization. Figure: Tan roots website a considerable part of the chain of news.

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