(three) after the revision of the need to pay attention to the daily work.

(a) search engine update before our first revision.

of course, we cannot rule out a search engine itself caused by the right down, as a result.

daily work in several aspects, unnecessary updates and optimization. First we talk about the content, content updates we all know is to attract the spider to visit, to our website snapshot every day. However, we in the site after revision, the website has been updated to the new program home page, and the author do a large number of high quality chain and adhere to a daily original content update on the website, a comprehensive revision to it has been a month long, not only the snapshot normal, and no so-called right down, K said. This also proved that as long as we prepare for the website by drop right can be completely avoided.

do stand friends all know that we do in the station optimization at the same time, do some outside the chain to let the spider crawling more time your site every day, so as to increase the weight. I want to say is that today we can before the search engine update, as much as possible to do some outside the chain, and can also exchange some high quality Links to promote. Another is that we must take the website program replaced new program before the search engine update, in continuity, always adhere to the original update, make the search engine more quickly for these included, for us is very necessary for correcting congenital conditions.

believe that every webmaster all know, a website revision is very easy to be right down, and for the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization is quite negative, but it is inevitable sometimes revision. So how do the revision is not drop right? Today I came to share with you some experience, hope to be revised or revised often because the object is right down the webmaster help.

since we said today is a revision, revision of some small believe that many webmaster is very comprehensive in the face of a contemptuous disregard, revision? I believe few webmaster dare to do, because from the perspective of some of this is equivalent to the site Dutch act but the pen today, and everyone is talking about a comprehensive revision, including replacement site procedures, templates and so on all aspects can be replaced. Well, I also not in trouble, go directly to share.

In fact, the so-called

(two) program after the replacement, as we do the chain station.

website program replacement, we should take the site now as the new treatment, do everything possible to do outside the chain where many to do outside the chain, and then attract spider, let the site recovery to normal as soon as possible, such as the collection can reach the second snapshot, etc.. If possible, can also buy some high weight portal links, is very helpful for your weight, but don’t buy too much, otherwise it will be regarded as cheating in search engine.