the Shanghai dragon communication will be asked a few enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng specialist: "you see us why the site is always right down, has been hovering between 1 and 0 of the weight of keywords, often beyond 100, the how to do?" then I probably looked down, a virtual host with IP 200+ hung, open look, all kinds of garbage, stand down the right, the Nothing is too strange. No way, if you use the virtual host but are reluctant to buy a separate IP website now so that you do not accept no way.


?"He answered: "

two, lack of internal site optimization or optimization of imperfect

said the first, with the virtual host IP has multiple sites in question. Do not say first company or a wealthy willful, they usually use independent server or cloud hosting. We for those small companies, although rich but not willing to spend money, they would prefer to use a virtual host to a few hundred dollars a year to spend more money to buy a cloud host, even in the virtual host are not willing to buy IP. As can be imagined, such companies to optimize the website, the website will be

, a virtual host has multiple web sites with


so, here to give advice: if all enterprises still use the virtual host, please add a separate IP, so it will not be affected with other IP website. If willing to spend money, can buy a cloud to host your website, Ali cloud on the line.


so I asked: "do you usually do in Shanghai Longfeng? There is no structure or on the web page of

however, this may be the problem comes to stationmaster, facing such situation how to do? Maybe they do not know, because there are many factors. For example, the following will be writing about some factors, should pay attention to: the existence of such problems is not a website, but many websites have such problems. So, it may be valuable, also hope to arouse the attention of enterprises or individual stationmaster! Then we read..

then said the website internal optimization or lack of optimization problems. So, there are some questions in the webmaster interaction: "why do we do the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon but has no obvious effect, we are now the boss is very anxious, there are plans to cut off Shanghai and Shanghai for the development of dragon love idea."


This article

written today, is the communication between A5 and enterprise marketing this time webmaster summary. May write a broad, but the fact is really such a thing. Then, the main core idea is that some operating enterprise or individual owners of the site in Shanghai Longfeng the effect is not obvious, or keywords can not always break the current page, or always be right down.